Scarsdale diet

This diet will help you lose half a kilo per day if you follow it should be.
Scarlade diet provides 800 to 1200 calories a day and should be followed two weeks straight so that manage to lose a kilo a day.

On this diet you will encounter a system of proteins which allows a moderate amount of fat. Is low in carbohydrates and is not suitable for people who exercise.

What you should not eat to this diet is:

no alcohol
Drinks you can consume are: tea, coffee and diet soda
The foods you prepare the oil, or mayonnaise, use lemon juice or vinegar
Anxiety when you can eat carrots or celery desired quantities
For breakfast every day

Coffee or tea without sugar, a slice of bread and a fruit you want.

First Day
Lunch Fish, chicken, roast turkey but, avoid processed meats are. You can serve with tomato and tea or diet soda

Grilled fish, green salad and fruit

Second Day
Fruit salad Coffee or tea
Hamburgers on the grill, oil-free and in abundance Tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives, coffee or tea.

Third Day
Tuna in water with lemon, fruit, coffee or tea
Sliced lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, celery. Coffee or tea.

Fourth Day

Two boiled eggs, low fat cheese beans with tomato, a slice of bread, coffee or tea
Spinach, grilled chicken, green peppers, green beans coffee and tea in abundance

Fifth Day
Fruit salad, coffee or tea
Roast turkey or chicken Salad of tomatoes and lettuce Grapefruit, a fruit, coffee or tea

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