Inhibitory diet

In this diet can not eat anything without limit, it is necessary to control portions, lose weight when you get to remain moderate portions. The diet lasts for 7 days in which you can get to lose 1 to 2 kilos, but you can not eat any of the forbidden.

1. Foods Allowed the following foods you can consume the amount they want at any time of day
Vegetables: Eat any vegetables except carrots, potatoes and chocolate.
Cheese: You can use low fat cream cheese in a jar for each week, and machine cheese 300g per week.
Liquids: you can eat all kinds of liquid less coke.
Eggs: The clear you can eat whatever you want, just 3 whole eggs per week.
Meat you can eat any meat, except the chicken, fried fish, no carbs.
Soups: if you make it for lunch or dinner you can add egg, chicken or beef.
Garnishes: mustard, lemon, vinegar and a teaspoon of oil per day.
2. Forbidden foods: This diet should not consume any of these foods

grain and flour
dairy (cheese only indicated)

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